Project Realization provides solutions and resources to support the management and development of software based products for the aerospace, automotive, and rail industries, including safety-critical systems.

Project Management

In general terms, projects deliver specific Outputs within constraints of time, quality and cost. The project team exists purely for the purpose of generating these outputs, and once they are delivered the team is no longer required, and the project is closed.

The existence of the project is justified by the Business Case for the output it is intended to produce.

A project falls within a specific business category, it may be:

The project has a life-cycle that defines the tasks of specifying the product, designing it, developing it, through to its testing and eventual hand-over into production or operational use. The project manager is responsible for managing the project through its lifecycle to the point of delivery of the product.

Project success is measured according to three high-level categories:

Benefits of Project Management

Resulting in