Project Realization provides solutions and resources to support the management and development of software based products for the aerospace, automotive, and rail industries, including safety-critical systems.

What We Do

Project Realization Limited (PRL) provides project consultancy and development services to enable ambitious teams and organisations improve the effective delivery and quality of their software based projects, products and processes.

Our experience ranges from large volume embedded systems (including safety-critical) to n-tier client-server IT systems, and covers the whole product development from proof of concept to prototype, pre-production, manufacturing, and aftermarket/support.

Working primarily in the automotive, aerospace, rail, telecoms, security and public sector we ensure that projects maintain focus on the intended business benefit throughout the development process. We actively look for the challenges that might impact on the delivery in order to mitigate or resolve issues at the earliest opportunity.

When you need us

Projects often find it difficult to make progress due to other immediate pressing commitments and conflicting priorities, leading to a project having

Impacting on

How we can help

PRL overcomes project delivery challenges by

Project Realization works with clients on a full-time, part-time, interim or consultancy basis.