Project Realization provides solutions and resources to support the management and development of software based products for the aerospace, automotive, and rail industries, including safety-critical systems.


Through its associates Project Realization Limited (PRL) has access to additional professional management and technical specialists in both the UK and offshore.

These resources can be used as a flexible supplement to a clients own team

Outsourcing and Offshore

Are you thinking of outsourcing some of your project activities?

Outsourcing is often considered as a means of

Outsourcing should be undertaken with care and is not appropriate in all circumstances. Consideration must be given to the potential impact of cultural and education differences involved.

PRL has several years experience of


News and Events:

31 Oct - 1st Nov 2013 London
Modern Management Methods: Lean Kanban 2013

7th November 2013 London
Innovate 2013 - IBM Technical Conference

12 November 2013 Manchester
DSDM Agile - Members local day

12-13 November 2013 Birmingham
Advanced Engineering Show (Aerospace & Automotive) 2013

12-13 November 2013 London
Inaugral European Rail Congress 2013

14 November 2013 London
+91 Europe - UK, US and India Network Summit 2013

1-8 March 2014 Montana
IEEE Aerospace Conference - Call for Papers